Bloody Mary

Love is just a history that they may prove 
And when you’re gone I’ll tell them my religion’s you 
When Pontius comes to kill the king upon his throne 
I’m ready for their stones 

I’ll dance dance dance 
With my hands hands hands 
Above my head head head 
Like Jesus said 

I’m gonna dance dance dance 
With my hands hands hands above my head 
Hands together forgive him before he’s dead because 

I won’t cry for you 
I won’t crucify the things you do  
I won’t cry for you see 
When you’re gone I’ll still be bloody mary 

We are not just art for Michelangelo 
To carve he can’t rewrite the agro 
Of my furied heart I’ll wait 
On mountain tops in Paris cold 
Je ne veux pas mourire tout seule 

Dum dum da di da 
Dum dum  da di da 
Dittie da di da 
Dum dum da di da